3 Common Eyeshadow Mistakes

Published: 01st February 2011
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In order to do things well, we need practice. Applying eyeshadow correctly is no different. Most of us learn by trial and error, yet some of us still face problems, simply because of mistakes we've been making over and over through the years. If you've gone through a dozen brand name shadows without getting a nice look that lasts, it might be one of these mistakes that is causing your problems.

1. The Inner Eye: Sometimes you might end up with shadow that gets sprinkled onto the nose, and you have a hard time rubbing it off. Often you find that the inner eye along the side of your nose is a sensitive area for break outs and blemishes. That's because it is a sensitive area. Avoid getting your makeup to close to the inner eye, but if you must shadow there, use a clean cotton swab, rather than the shadow brush. The slightest bit of dirt or contamination in this area can lead to a breakout.

2. Foundation: Never, ever apply liquid foundation to the eyelid. If you feel you must have a base coat, use a loose powder foundation or a neutral coloured eyeshadow. Even if you plan on going without eyeshadow, liquid foundation on your lids is trouble. Liquid makeup will adhere to lines and creases in the folds of your eyes, leaving them looking tired and old. If you apply eyeshadow afterwards, the creases will darken and cake up after an hour or two. In short, your eyeshadow won't set properly.

3. Glitter: Keep the glitter, sparkle and shimmer off your lash lines. The lash line is a great place to apply a nice liner to lengthen the look of your lashes, but keep the colours solid. Adding sparkle or glitter not only leads to infection, but it also doesn't set properly. As you naturally blink, the particles will flick away into your eye, onto the lid or onto the skin beneath the eye. Your best bet, apply a sparkling shadow just below or above the lash line, sweeping it in an upward motion away from your interfering lashes.

If you've been making these errors, don't feel bad, you're not alone. However, if you start correcting these common mistakes right away, you'll be impressed at how much better your eye make up looks, not just when you put it on, but hours later.

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