Are You the Prime Age for a Facelift?

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Published: 21st January 2011
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Growing older isn't much fun. Little lines become wrinkles, which eventually become deep creases. Before you know it, facelift surgery is no longer a far flung fantasy but becoming a distinct possibility to make us look as young as we feel. But what age is really right for a facelift?

Along with the normal aging process, environmental elements such as exposure to the sun can age our skin prematurely. Almost every week we read about young starlets who allegedly engaged in cosmetic procedures to combat fine lines. With high definition camera's now capturing every tiny crease, it's not that surprising that even the younger generation can fall to insecurity and take the plunge to achieve smooth and flawless skin.

In reality, however, a facelift in your twenties is actually pointless.

The facelift surgery is not meant to remove very fine lines, since the skin at this age does not have the sag to be pulled back by a facelift. In your twenties, your best defence against wrinkles is good skin care, nourishing moisturizers and diligent sun protection.

Once we are in our thirties, the wrinkles can start to creep in. A sleepless night shows around the eyes and too much sun makes fine lines look more visible. However, the skin is still young and maintains much of its elasticity, so this age is not a great candidate for cosmetic surgery either. If you're truly concerned about lines, you can always try a chemical peel.

Once you've reached your forties, Botox becomes a viable solution. Lines have deepened, so keep up the moisturizer and if you feel you must, get an injection to plump up the crows feet and laugh lines. Even in your fifties, diet and excercise, combined with a good skin care routine is probably keeping your skin pliable enough that wrinkles are not out of control enough to require surgery.

The prime age to get a facelift is actually from your sixties right on up to your fifties. The skin has lost much of its natural elasticity, making it ideal for deliberate manipulation. Granted, this certainly won't be a subtle approach. Facelifts have the most impact at this age range, giving the person noticeably smoother and wrinkle free skin.

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