Building Beautiful Curves

Published: 01st February 2011
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For many women, they find themselves struggling to shed excess weight with crash or fad diets and overly ambitious exercise programs. While these women may indeed lose the desired weight, the results likely won't be the hourglass figure they had been hoping for.

The key factor to keeping a sharp figure and a healthy weight is understanding the balance of nutrition, muscle retention, fat loss and proper exercise. There is no substitute for a well cared for body, which includes eating right, drinking lots of water and engaging in physical activity.

Let's start with nutrition. Fad diets don't work and could actually cause you to gain more weight. Forget about the diet pills and power shakes. Your body needs a good balance of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and proteins to function properly. If you are hoping to shed fat, be careful not to shed the muscle too. This means reducing the fat forming foods you know what they are potato chips, soda pop and fast foods. It also means keeping up with the healthy foods that feed the muscle, such as lean meats, low fat dairy and whole grains.

Next, lets talk about exercise. There's fat burning, and then there's tone. You need different exercises to accomplish each one. Quite often losing weight means you've inadvertently shed the firmness and curves as well. Plan a work out that targets the tummy, buttocks, thighs and other areas you hope to improve upon. Toning with weights is another great way to build up the needed muscle while reducing the fat, leaving you luscious and curvy.

Keeping everything in balance might take a little longer than a crash course, but over the long term, you'll be thankful you did. Once you've accomplished your ideal body form, the good habits you've created for both eating and exercising will make it easy for you to maintain your curvy shape.

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