Enjoying & Caring For Your American Singer Canary

Published: 22nd October 2010
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The American Singer Canary is considered to be the closest formidable opponent to the Roller Canary for it's melodious songs. They are a relatively new cross-breed of canaries, first bred in the 1930's from the beautiful Border Canary and the Roller Canary who is revered for it's perfect song which took over 400 years to master. This mixture gives the American Singer Canary literally the best of both worlds when it comes to genetics. They often receive awards for having the best balance of beauty and singing ability.


They can come in a variety of colors and color combinations including: blue, yellow, red, blue, gold, fawn, orange, white and others.


Males are the singers of all breeds. The song of a singing bird is how they attract the female to them. A female might sing in their early days, but will normally stop before their first moulting stage (6-9 months). Males tend to clam up around females until breeding time, so if you want to be regaled with song often -- they're best left in their own cage.


The American Singer Canary is a song bird and needs all the nutrition that other canary breeds do. Food mixtures rich in Canary Grass Seed, vitamins, minerals, and fruit bits are the preferred treat for this breed. Make sure they have plenty of water for drinking and bathing.

Other Care

Aside from proper regimented feeding: All canaries need a clean environment. This means that while they're fairly low maintenance, you do want to set aside some time to clean and disinfect their cage every week. It's quite safe to let them roam a bit in your home, or in a porch. They will quickly find their way back to the cage once you're done, as they do need their food and will want to get back on their swing or cozy perch.

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