Homemade Remedies to Make Your Skin Smoother and Softer

Published: 17th February 2011
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We are seeing a lot of products that are promising to help us keep our skin beautiful and sexy. However, these products use chemicals that can harm our skin in the long run. This article will be showing you a few homemade skin remedies that you can use in order to promote better skin. The ingredients for these remedies can be found in your fridge and are natural, which means that using them has no side effects.

1.) Egg Facial take a raw egg and separate the yolk from the white and apply it on your face. Let the egg white dry on your face for about 10-15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water. As soon as the egg white dries on your face, you will feel that your skin gets firmer instantly.

2.) Coffee Mask after we grind coffee beans every morning, we tend to throw them away. But, did you know that you can use them to revitalize your skin? All you have to do is to mix 1/4 cup of ground coffee beans with egg white and rub them gently all over your face. Let the mixture sit on your face for 10-15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

3.) Banana Mask take a banana and mash it to make a paste. Using a clean hand, gently apply it all over your face and leave it there for about 15 minutes. Keep in mind that you need to apply the paste evenly on all parts of your face to get the best results.

These are some of the homemade skin remedies that you can make straight from your fridge. Always remember that they are made from natural ingredients, and is not associated with any side effects. So, whenever you want to revitalize your skin, always try to consider using one of these remedies to treat your skin.

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