Natural Skin Lightening Remedies

Published: 01st February 2011
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There are many ways to lighten darkened skin. Some people wish to lighten the entire skin tone, while others only wish to reduce dark areas such as moles, age spots or even freckles.

Dark skin appears due to the increase of melanin production, which darkens the pigment of the skin. This can often be triggered by sun exposure. However, the amount of melanin your body produces is usually a genetic trait.

Many skin bleaching products and creams on the market use chemicals to peel away the darkened layers of the skin, leaving the lighter colour behind. While this is often very effective, it's also rather dangerous to expose such a delicate organ to such harsh chemicals. Not only that, but some people suffer reactions to chemical whitening products, resulting in irritations, burns or other complications.

Fortunately, there are many natural alternatives to lighten the skin and reduce the appearance of freckles and dark spots.

Rubbing lemon on your freckles or dark spots will reduce their appearance and help them fade away. Using milk or yogurt in face masks or as cleansers are a wonderful skin lightening product, which will greatly lighten your entire skin surface.

Other natural ingredients have been attributed to blocking the production of melanin, which will lead to lighter skin since the pigment will be unable to darken. These types of ingredients usually come from various plant and herb extracts. A wide variety of natural compounds, from licorice to Vitamins C and E, contain components that are frequently found in natural skin lightening formulas.

Of-course, it should go without saying, that any efforts to lighten your skin, or decrease freckles, age spots and dark spots, should include a high grade, quality sunblock. Not only is the sun damaging for the skin, the rays of the sun naturally stimulate melanin production, causing the skin to become darker in an effort to protect itself form ultra-violet rays.

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