The Benefits of Air Drying Your Hair

Published: 01st February 2011
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Blow drying your hair can be a real time saver, especially if you have a high maintenance style. However, you can still have great hair with air drying, if you follow a few simple steps to keep your hair manageable.

Blow dryers can cause your hair to become overly dried out, leading to frizziness and static cling. But, it does add volume and depth to your style. Air drying, on the other hand, is less harmful to the hair, but it takes longer and many find it difficult to style their hair while it is damp.

When air drying your hair, first squeeze out excess water by hand so your hair is not dripping wet. Then blot gently with a towel. Vigorous rubbing will create tangles and make your hair less manageable.

While hair is damp, add a lightweight mousse or styling spray and work it through with your fingers. This will help hold the volume in your hair as it dries. Try to avoid using brushes and combs while your hair is wet, as this will stretch and break the strands. Instead, simply finger brush it to remove any large tangles.

If you are looking for volume, simply pull your hair up loosely and hold with a clip while it dries. This allows the roots to dry first and will mold body into your hair. When the roots are dry, remove the clip while the locks are still damp, and give it a gentle comb through with a wide toothed comb to avoid creases from the clip.

You should avoid using curlers in very wet hair. Not only does it stretch and break your hair, the style doesn't usually hold since wet hair is too heavy to maintain the look. Once your hair is dry, or mostly dry, you can style it as you wish. When your hair is dry, simply flip it over and give it a light brushing to increase the body. You can add a little hairspray to the roots at the base of the neck while hair is upside down to give you all day body and bounce.

Not only does air drying your hair leave it stronger and healthier, it also reveals shine, volume and a touchable softness that you just don't get from a blow dryer.

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