The Consequences of Botox

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Published: 21st January 2011
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Botox injections have become a trendy way to conquer lines and wrinkles without the need for plastic surgery. A simple injection that plumps up the skin, this is a relatively safe procedure, but like all medical undertakings, there are side effects and consequences the consumer should be aware of to make an informed decision.

The most commonly occurring side effect happens to approximately one in five of all Botox recipients. That is, droopy or falling eyelids. This phenomenon is usually short lived and will go away on its own, however, anyone with muscle or nervous disorders should discuss their condition with a doctor before receiving any Botox injections.

Another common reaction that hits about 19% of those using the product is the inability to swallow properly. Again, this is a common reaction that usually resolves itself in short time and is likely a result of the area which is injected being frozen, such as around the mouth.

About 11% of clients will develop pain in the neck or possibly headaches from the injections. This is a relatively mild side effect that can be relieved with common pain medication and will disperse after a short time. However, keep in mind that if the pain worsens or doesn't go away with the help of ibuprofen or other pain reducers, medical attention should be sought.

Flu like symptoms, such as coughing, sneezing and nausea can strike up to 10% of Botox recipients. This could last up to a few days, but again, if symptoms grow worse, you should consult a doctor.

While there is little chance of serious conditions developing from Botox itself, it's important to always seek out a licenced professional to perform the procedure. Due diligence is required on the part of the consumer to verify the validity of the provider and check references. In any industry, there are cons and scams, and Botox is no exception.

False serums masquerading as Botox can cause serious upper respiratory illnesses, and in some cases, have even contributed to death.

For the majority, Botox has little or no side effects, but it's always best to be prepared for the possible consequences before you decide to undergo any procedure.

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