The Correct Way to Use Hair Gel

Published: 01st February 2011
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There's a good variety of hair styling products to help give your style control and design. Hairspray, soft foamy mousse and thick hair gel are among the most commonly used products.

Many consumers steer away from hair gel after misguided attempts to use it resulted in disastrous hair styles. Using too much gel leaves your hair weighed down and unmanageable. It can also make your hair look wet and sticky. If you're trying to give some lift to your locks, too much gel can make it an exercise in frustration.

However, using gel on your roots is actually a great way to increase volume, add lift and height to your hair as well as hold short spiked up hair styles. The key is to knowing how to use hair gel correctly.

Start with clean hair. Wet hair is usually better because the gel will bond better as your hair dries, but it's not critical. In fact, until you get the hang of it, starting with dry hair might make it easier for you to see where the gel is sitting.

Don't apply the gel directly to your hair. Instead, pour a small amount onto your finger tips, and gently massage it into the roots of your hair. Even if you're using spray gel, spray it on your hands first. A little really does go a long way, so it's best to start with just a dab and increase it as you need more. Only the roots of your hair need to be gelled in order to give it volume. Adding gel to the strands themselves will often weigh down your hair.

Using a blow dryer on a low setting will set the gel and also prevent it from looking wet. For volume, either flip your hair upside down, or use a brush to pull your hair upwards while you dry the roots. For many styles, however, such as short spikes, blow drying isn't even necessary.

Using hair gel is a great way to get the look you want quickly and easily. It takes a little practice to get comfortable with the technique and the amount of gel you hair needs, but once you do, you'll be amazed at the versatile styles you can achieve.

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