The Perfect Way to Do Smokey Eyes Made Easy

Published: 11th February 2011
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Eyes are considered as one of the best assets of women, and we need to keep it as attractive as possible. This article will be showing you a very simple way to achieve smokey eyes. This will help you increase your knowledge when it comes to make-up and will also give you another option for enhancing the looks of your eyes.

You can start by filling all the gaps in your eyebrows using an eye shadow. Always remember that you should use a color that is close to your hair color to make it look more natural. Next, using a highlighter brush, apply white, gold, or beige shadow under your eyebrows.
After this process, the next thing that you need to do is to apply gray shadow to your eyelids. After this, wipe the brush with a tissue, and use black eye shadow to the outer layer of your eyes. This will help you achieve the "v" shape which is a very important aspect for smokey eyes. Using a shadow blend brush, blend all the sharp edges to make it look more natural.

Now, draw a line above your eyelashes with the help of a black eyeliner pencil. This process needs a steady hand, because you need to draw the line as close to the lash line as possible. In order to lighten the color, all you have to do is to use an eye liner brush dipped in black shadow. And to finish your smokey eyes, all you need to do is to apply a coat or two of mascara.

Smokey eyes don’t necessarily mean that you have to use black and gray colors. You can also use different colors that you like, as long as you make it look as natural as possible. Plums and browns are also good color combinations when creating smokey eyes. What matters in smokey colors is that the darkest color stays on the out corner of your eyes.
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