What Do Body Shapers Do?

Published: 01st February 2011
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Once upon a time, women wore tight fitting corsets beneath their clothing. This slimmed their waistline and gave them an hourglass figure. Corsets also helped women stay thin. They worked by cinching the tummy area, forcing the body to redistribute fat throughout the body. They also pushed up the bosom, adding natural lift and cleavage.

Body shapers have taken an old idea and refitted it for a modern world.

If you've ever seen advertisements for a body shaper indicating you will immediately lose a couple of sizes, they are actually true. Much like the old fashioned corsets, body shapers cinch the waist and tummy area, redistributing your fat and giving you a smaller figure.

Worn daily under your regular clothes, body shapers will force your body to adapt to a new shape. Muscles will be molded according to the shaper, and other parts of your figure will be pushed up or pushed down accordingly. Many consumers wear body shapers as part of their exercise clothing, to help target their workout.

There are many different types of shapers available. Some will have long legs, which can help reduce the width of your thighs and buttocks. Others are made only to decrease your waistline, while others still, can reshape your entire body, from armpits to knees.

You can wear body shapers beneath your regular clothing for an hourglass figure any time. They are also available for men, to chisel and flatten the stomach and abdomen area, as well as thighs and buttocks.

If you've never worn a body shaper before, be careful to adjust it to your comfort level. While it's possible to drop three or four sizes as soon as you put it on, you may wish to adjust the tightness to one size at a time. Otherwise, you could find it quite uncomfortable to wear, and you risk the possibility of damaging your internal organs if your body shaper is too tight.

However, if you're looking for an effective way to complement your diet and exercise regime, a body shaper is a great way to help you gain the curvy figure you've been hoping for.

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